Focal Solo6 Be Monitors

Sennheiser MD280 Headphones x2

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

ART 6 Channel Headphone Amp


Audio Interface

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad Core (Black)

Universal Audio Twin Duo



CAPI VP26 (API 312 Clone) x 2

BAE 1073MP Dual Preamp

Universal Audio Unison Pre's x 6



Peluso 2247 Large Diaphragm Tube Condensor (U47 Copy)

Cascade Fathead Ribbon Microphones with Lundhal Transformers (Stereo Pair)

Shure SM57 x 2

Shure SM7

Apex 460 Tube LDC (modded with upgraded capsule and electronics)

Peluso CEMC6 Pencil Condenser 



Radial EXTC - 500

Hairball Audio 1176 Rev A Compressor

Extensive Guitar pedal selection

Radial PRO-DI x 2

Radial SGI Guitar Interface



Pro Tools 12

Logic Studio 9

Ableton Live 9

Soundtoys 5

UAD Plugins (Pultec, 1176, LA-2A, Fairchild, EMT 140 and 250 Plate Reverb, RE-201, AKG BX-20, etc…)

Slate VTM, VMR and Trigger

Various Waves Plugins

Various Plugin Alliance (SPL, Brainworx, etc…)

Various Soft Synths (Korg M1, Arturia CS80, etc…)

Melodyne 4



Dave Smith Prophet '08 PE

Rhodes Mark 1 73 Electric Piano

Casio CT-370 Keyboard

AKAI MPK-49 Midi Controller


Nash T-63 Telecaster

Danelectro 12 string Electric

Epiphone Sheraton II

Gibson ES-125

Takamine Dreadnought Acoustic (Martin Style)

Supro "Super" 1606 Amp

Vox AC15 H1TV

Various Guitar Pedals



Various Percussion

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter